DC Series

 DC Series

 We like to break way from time to time and do creative designs.

Here you will find a small assortment of recycled, limited production, and one-off items.
You can find these items here under DC Series.
This is a variation of the PAK LOC Hibachi. Made from 90% recycled steel.  Three stainless steel venting nubs on top lid.  Hammered texture. Slightly more volume and weight than our standard PAC LOK.
Hand crafted. This is a limited production item.
Comes with clean out shovel, T-handle, and braided reed nest ring.

PAC LOK Hibachi. DC Series.
Each DC may have some variance in steel textures. Posted as seen.
PAC LOK Hibachi. DC Series. Matte Black
Each DC may have some variance in steel textures. Posted as seen
About DC Series

      The PAC stove design originates out of an effort to recycle or down-cycle a common waste item, the LP cylinder(propane tank). You can choose to participate in the green economy by purchasing one from our DC series. The DC series is exactly the same as our main product line however we utilize recycled LP cylinders acquired from our local communities. These items are considered hazardous to handle and process. They typically consume a lot of effort and energy on their way back through the chain of consumer-scrap yard-foundry. We interrupt this cycle in an efficient way by absorbing some of these difficult to process waste items and converting them into an excellent product. The LP cylinder design turns out to be a very efficient fire box. This vertical design in wood stoves is unique and new. You will find these burners to be very efficient in burning wood fuel and producing good heat output. The price may be slightly higher, but that is due to the efforts in processing and decommissioning these waste items. Many of our LP cylinders have been taken or found as litter in illegal dump sites, ditches as well as donations and tanks traded in for credit towards purchase.

      If you are local to our Lebanon Oregon facility, feel free to bring in your old waste cylinders. We have a recycle program and will offer cash for your old tanks, or credit towards your purchase. This is our own bottle return program we have implemented for the DC Series.  Contact us for details as we sometimes are out of stock, and sometimes over stocked on recycled bottles.

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