Cooking Naan bread on hot plate.

PAC Hibachi comes along for a day trip in the woods.

PAC Hibachi

PAC Hibachi with shovel, and T-handle

PAC Stove has been field tested in the wet Oregon Cascades, and high Rockies for six years now. 
The first proto-type is still in use. 

PAC Grill with hot plate cooking.  Grates can be utilized as a wind block when needed. 

PAC Grill and Mongolian beef stir fry. 

PAC Burner

PAC Grill with grate and charcoal tray setup.

DC Series Grill with hot plate and grates stored externally.

Early field testing. Oregon high desert wilderness area.

kebobs, шашлы́к,  شیشلیک

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