• Weight. 11 lbs.
  • Height. 8-1/2" (assembled)
  • Width. 12"  (diameter)
  • One clean-out shovel
  • One T-handle


PAC LOK Hibachi. This tough design will out last most grills and
hibachi's on the market.  Simple, compact, and easy to take anywhere.
The legs are dual purpose.  
Insert legs into pockets underneath when
setting up the grill. Insert into tabs when you are ready to pack it along to
the park, camp site, or road trip. Comes with a sturdy clean-out shovel
and T-handle.  Use T-handle to lift the grate and the lid knob when hot.
Once your charcoal is hot, set the lid on the tabs to leave a gap, or lean it
for air circulation, depending on what you are cooking.  You can also
pre-pack charcoal underneath the grate, and utensil's above. Lock it and go. 

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