PAC Burner

  • Weight. 34 lbs
  • Height. 38" (assembled)
  • Width. 12" (diameter)
  • One clean-out shovel
  • One T-handle


PAC Burner.  Heavy duty steel construction.  Top lid hinges open for
loading fire wood.  The PAC Burner is versatile.  Set up in your patio,
yard, or camp site.  Sets up in seconds.  No tools needed.  Want to add a function?  You can add just the hot plate, and this will
allow you 
to cook with pots, pans, soup kettles, crab boilers. Heat tortilla's  and flat breads directly on the hot plate. See Gear and Accessories. 



  • Weight. 29 Lbs
  • Height. 30” (assembled)
  • Width. 12” (diameter)
  • T-handle
  • Clean-out shovel


The PAC Burner Lite is ideal for smaller gatherings or compact
settings like urban environments. This item is shorter, therefore
a little lighter and easier for some to lift and travel with. Use
prepped fire wood,  mill ends, or dead fall. Works excellently 
as a brush burner for getting rid of yard debris like leaves and
twigs. Will accept most commercially made woks which you
can set on the top supports. (remove stove pipe and set wok
on the three pipe supports directly over the torch.) You can also
purchase a hot plate separately if you wish. This will allow you
to cook with pots, pans, soup kettles, crab boilers, and even
tortilla's  and flat breads directly on the hot plate.


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