PAC Grill

  • Weight. 50 Lbs
  • Height. 38" (assembled)
  • Width. 12" (diameter)
  • Two T-handles
  • One clean-out shovel
  • One hot plate
  • Four Steel Grates



PAC Grill.  Comes with four grates and one hot plate.  Five
rack pegs inside allow you to place grate and hot plate in
many configurations for charcoal grilling, wood fire cooking,
baking, roasting, smoking, dutch oven cooking, hot plate and
wok cooking. Grate and hot plate can be stored internally or
externally. Remove grates and fill it with fire wood for a very
hot fire.





  • Weight. 24 Lbs
  • Height. 32" (assembled)
  • Width. 12" (diameter)
  • One T-handle
  • On Clean out shovel
  • One steel grate
  • One hot plate


PAC Grill Lite comes with one grate and one hot plate.
Three rack pegs inside allow you to place the grate and hot
plate in several configurations for charcoal grilling, or wood
fire cooking. You can add two more grates for a smoker
option (see accessories). Use hot plate on top by removing
the stove pipe and placing it on the three supports. Grate
and hot plate can be stored internally or externally when
not in use. Remove grate and hot plate and pack it full of
wood for a hot fire. The PAC Grill Lite is shorter in size.
Ideal for those who want more portability.



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